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Representing Your Interests - Tenant and Purchaser Representation

Until recently, it was only the developers and owners of real estate, because they paid the bills, who had access to the best real estate advisors. Tenants and purchasers were at a disadvantage in negotiating for property because the landlord or seller was in fact, paying the “agent” whom they thought was representing their interests.

Years of legal and industry lobbying have created a marketplace where the agent for the tenant or purchaser does, in fact, represent the sole interest of that party. The most interesting benefit is that the landlord or seller typically will pay for the services of the tenant or purchasers agent.

Farnum Company does not owe allegiance or obligation solely to the development community. It represents organizations leasing or purchasing office and warehouse space by providing exclusive expertise and technical support to negotiate complex lease and purchase transactions. Our expertise can increase your profitability and enhance your competitive advantage by obtaining the best terms available in the market, all at no cost to you.